A-Ilupeju Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital is a one-stop E.N.T center located in Lagos State, Nigeria. The hospital has a day-care and in-patient facilities, it is equipped with diagnostic and treatment facilities for E.N.T (Otorhinolaryngology) care.

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Our Compassion and Safety to our Patients.

Read what our clients have to say –

“My first visit to A-Ilupeju E.N.T Hospital was overwhelming because I was amazed at the serenity of the hospital, from the pictures on the wall, to the paintings and even the toilets (because I am very particular about toilets), the moment I entered the toilet, I knew I had made the right choice for my problem.
I had a very bad voice which I saw the E.N.T Surgeon for, he was so professional to the core! He diagnosed me after which I was admitted for throat surgery. The surgery procedures were wonderful, I felt I was abroad! The staff were polite and had good customer service, the food, the atmosphere…great! There was no Nepa (light)issue, everywhere was quiet….you won’t want to go back home…but of course, I wanted to be treated and get well to head back home. the whole place is BEAUTIFUL!!!
The way the nurses attend to you is overwhelming as if they were trained abroad…I have never been to a Specialist Hospital such as A-Ilupeju E.N.T Hospital and I am really impressed.”
Oluwakemi A., Globacom Nigeria

“I came into A-Ilupeju E.N.T Hospital for a Cochlear Implant Surgery for my son, so far my experience has been good, their service are very professional. I am happy with the standard of service been provided by the Nurses and Doctors here, it is a place that I will highly recommend to friends and associates.
Actually, it is my first time and I am already impressed with their procedures,  the doors are properly labelled, every item is labelled and I also saw a sign that they are ISO certified! it is rare in Nigeria to see such a place take quality assurance very dear to their hearts and I must say that SO FAR SO GOOD! “

Alfred E., Business Man

“For several years I had difficulty in breathing and found it very hard to swallow food and sometimes to swallow water. The problem got worse each passing year and most hospitals I visited had no convincing cause to the problem. This persisted until last year, when my Aunt referred me to A-Ilupeju E.N.T Hospital. It was discovered that I had a cyst growing at the base of my tongue.

Consultations and advise were given, which later resulted to a successful surgery. As of this moment, I breathe easily and eat without any difficulty. Thanks so much to the E.N.T SURGEON at A-Ilupeju E.N.T Hospital.”

Dozie O., Brisktrade Investment Ltd


Before you or your child have the tonsils or adenoids operation, it is useful to discuss with the surgeon the benefits versus the risks of the operation. If you choose to have the operation, your hospital will provide more information about the specifics of the procedure and recovery.

Having a nosebleed is common in children. Nosebleeds are usually mild and easily treated. Sometimes bleeding can be more severe which is usually in older people, or in people with other medical problems such as blood disorders. Get medical help quickly if the bleeding is severe, or if it does not stop within 20-30 minutes.

You need to see an E.N.T Doctor if you wake up gasping in the night regularly, this could be as a result of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) which is a term for breathing that becomes interrupted or irregular during the night.

It is not medically advisable to remove earwax with a cotton bud, this can push the wax further into your canal causing blockage of the ear. A safer method is by applying warmed olive-oil with a cotton wool three times a day inside the affected ear.