Myringotomy Tubes or Ear Ventilation Tubes :

This is one of the most common procedures that E.N.T Doctors perform.

This is a procedure that treats recurrent or chronic middle ear infections that may or may not be associated with hearing loss. It is possible to perform the procedure at the office for an adult patient.

Children require anesthesia, and therefore this procedure will be performed in an operating room for your child.

During the procedure a small incision is made in the ear drum, and fluid behind the ear drum is removed. A small plastic tube is placed to keep the hole open. This allows air to enter the space behind the ear drum so that fluid will not re-accumulate. It is still possible to get ear infections with tubes in place, though these infections are usually treated with antibiotic ear drops rather than oral antibiotics. Tubes usually stay in for about a year and typically fall out on their own. They last 6-18 months on average.

Tonsillectomy and/or Adenoidectomy:

This is a common procedure that is most often performed because of chronic sore throat or infection. The procedure may also be performed if tonsils and adenoids are too swollen and cause a breathing obstruction, including sleep apnea.

The procedure to remove tonsils and adenoids is performed under general anesthesia.. The procedure takes about a ONE and half hour. Tonsils and adenoids are removed through the mouth. No skin incision is required.